Storm Restoration

Every representative of Olde Glory Contractors treats each customer with respect, integrity and a commitment to exceed their expectations throughout the project. We will treat the property as if it was our own, keeping the jobsite safe, clean and professional at all times.

If you are undertaking an insurance claim to pay for the restoration of your property please note that Olde Glory Contractors has numerous years of experience working within the insurance industry in varying capacities to include: claims advocacy, loss control, brokerage and supplementation. We will provide you with laymen's term guidance and understanding of the entire process with an approximate timeline. We will also strive to make certain that all pertinent items are addressed within the adjuster’s original scope to assure nothing gets mistakenly overlooked.

When storms hit and damage to a property occurs a lot of confusion sets in with property owners giving rise to a myriad of questions such as:

  1. What do I do first? How do I report the claim for damages?
  2. Do I call my agent/broker to initiate the claims reporting?
  3. Can I make temporary repairs and will they be covered by insurance?
  4. If I report a claim will my insurance rates increase or even worse will my insurance be cancelled?
  5. How long does the claims process take before I can start effecting repairs to my property?
  6. How does my deductible apply?
  7. What if I choose not to make repairs with the claims proceeds?
  8. Can I improve my property with the claims proceeds?
  9. How complicated is the paperwork that is involved?
  10. What do I do after the repairs are made to my property?

Our friendly staff is available 24hrs, 7 days a week.
Give us a call today to help assist you through the claims process and help you recover all that you deserve.